Comprehensive eBay Users Portal Launched

. March 9, 2007, an innovative new eBay users’ website portal, today announced its grand opening. The company serves hundreds of visitors daily, providing free information and resources along with real-time auction product listings. caters to serious eBay businesses, one-time auction sellers and shoppers by offering a one-stop solution for searching, shopping and finding business answers. For consumers, the company provides easy-to-use eBay product browsing with real-time access to the latest listings.

Realizing a marketplace support deficiency, researched the needs of eBay sellers and businesses to compile the most relevant articles from today’s experts. The popular website also provides access to some of the most sought after eBay selling aids including the misspelling tool. gives sellers a comprehensive list of eBay resources where users can find even more answers and information like steps to settling an auction dispute, starting your own business and listing on other auction websites for improved product visibility.

“A lot of eBay buyers and sellers were confused about the process. They needed real answers and timely information,” states Wesley McDermott, owner of “Until now, many of these resources were dispersed across the Internet, making them difficult to find and use. We’re thrilled to finally offer this free resource.” The company will continually add new information as it becomes available.

To read the latest articles, access free tools and resources, visit, today.

Founded in 2007, is an innovative, free eBay users’ portal offering up-to-date news, information, articles, tools and resources. The company also provides easy-to-use eBay product browsing with real-time access to the latest auction listings.

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