Scrutiny Marketing Announces the Release of eHOTitem – Online eBay Price Analyzer and Market Research Tool

. March 16, 2007

Scrutiny Marketing has announced that it has released a new web tool for eBay buyers and sellers. This tool, eHOTitem, provides buyers and sellers with eBay Market Research data on average pricing, trends, top keyword and categories, available hot items that are currently selling, as well as regional share information. Data is derived directly from eBay via its web services.

Scrutiny’s analytical team is comprised of consumer packaged goods experts and marketing custom solution developers.

The service is available to anyone, buyers or sellers, for free. The goal is to provide a service that all eBayers can use to make better business decisions. User are encouraged to use eHOTitem affiliates for other services or contribute to this community service, but are not obligated.

Kris A., one of the forces behind the tool suggests, “Let’s make this a total community tool that does not burden the eBay buyer or seller with more trivial fees. Better information for everyone will make this environment much more robust. The hope is to get everyone the tools to dig into the marketplace data to help support better decision making.”

eHOTitem reports provide virtually the same information as the leading eBay Market Data providers at a much better price point.

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