Azmina International Womens Designer Clothes Now on Ebay

Azmina, one of the brightest stars in the fashion industry, has made her popular fashion creations available on eBay. Women’s Designer Clothes by Azmina eBay Store brings to the Internet buying public some her most popular hand-made clothes including hoodies, wraps and shawls.

Azmina’s swirling classic colors and hallmark embroidery have made her label Azmina International one of the most sought after in the demanding LA high-end fashion arena and worldwide. Some of the celebrities wearing her magical designs include Cameron Diaz, Barbra Streisand, Marisa Tomei, Stevie Nicks, Darryl Hannah and Goldie Hawn to name a few. Azmina started her fashion house in the Indian state of Rajasthan in 2001, assembling some of the finest village masters in the kingly province of the Maharajahs. She was drawn to India’s ancient traditions of weaving, choosing to soften many of the bold colors through a long process of trial and error, and working within the traditions to find a new way. Like a textile alchemist, Azmina found her own original color sense and splayed her organic colors over and through the finest fabrics the villages could produce. The organic tones seemed to be born of the Red Indian earth, sprung from the great hearth of eternal India’s colorations and traditions, mixed into something completely new.

Today, over 1,600 people are employed full-time to do the embroidery on each and every piece of the Azmina lines. Three villages are involved in the distinct phases of production. This life connection to a shared prosperity is one of the secrets into the superior quality of her work. Another is Azmina’s very healthy respect for tradition. For example, her stunning dyeing process is done by a family who has dyed silk in the same village for over 500 years!

As a gifted art student at The Sorbonne in France, Azmina first developed her own color sense and style from studying the great Florentine masters, particularly Botticelli. “His colors and flowing garments are absolutely timeless. I was always in awe when I stared at his women. They looked like goddesses on earth. Botticelli’s glowing goddesses meeting the textile passions of eternal India,” explains Azmina.

Azmina supervises every process in the making of each garment. She makes sure the colors of the organic dyes are exactly right before the garment is taken out of the dye bath, rinsed, then set out to dry in the sun. She works for hours and hours with her artists, teaching them her unique visions for her different clothing lines. For example, in her Dream Line each garment is individually hand-painted transforming fabric into pieces of art.

Today, the demand for Azmina’s goods far surpasses the supply. “My skirts and long hooded dusters take 27 days to create, loom to finish. Each one is utterly unique. Working mothers and princesses wear my things. It doesn’t matter. Women feel beautiful and unforgettable when they wear one of my pieces. It’s a natural outcome,” said Azmina.

Azmina’s philosophy about her designs is: “When something is made this beautifully, by hand, it carries it’s very own presence and gives more life to whomever wears it. You can actually FEEL the difference.”

Azmina has designed fabrics for some of the most famous names out there such as Emanuel Ungaro, Georgio Armani and Valentino. For more information email [email protected] or logon to