Oltiby.com Announces Technical Partnership With TeleSign For its Online Auctions

. April 3, 2007

Oltiby Inc. (oltiby.com) recently announced a technical partnership, whereby TeleSign Corp. (telesign.com) will provide Oltiby with an advanced security feature for the verification of its online auction members.

“Our reverse auctions marketplace needs to gain trust from the online community. We are a growing business and our members’ security is our first priority” said Sylvain Reiter, VP at Oltiby Inc. “Introducing an additional layer of security was essential. TeleSign’s cutting edge anti identity theft solutions will help us avoid fraudsters and anonymous bidders to secure all our auctions.” Reiter added.

TeleSign introduced a revolutionary verification system that forces anonymous users to be reachable on a valid phone number. Email verification may end up filtered, junked, bulked, or trashed, but a telephone call cannot be stopped and forces anonymous users to be reachable/traceable in order to be part of the “trusted community”.

Darren Berkovitz, TeleSign’s Chief Operating Officer explained: “Our API was very useful to the Oltiby Development Team who has maximized their security by combining Real Time Phone Verification and Phone Identification, which flags pre-paid or VOIP phones and identifies the phone’s location. We’re pleased to have partnered with such a progressive, forward looking company like Oltiby.”

The verification process is currently optional on Oltiby.com. However, any serious buyer can reduce his concerns about fraud with the option to host reverse auctions, where only verified members will be able to bid. For more information about reverse online auctions, visit www.oltiby.com. To try an interactive demo of TeleSign system, visit www.telesign.com/demo.asp and have your phone ready.

Oltiby.com is the leading online reverse auctions venue and its platform is dedicated to buyers. Contrary to other regular auction sites, the revolution comes with the buyers being in full control of the reverse auctions. The buyers post what they want to buy and also specify the maximum price they are willing to pay. The bidders are the sellers and the competition between them drives the prices down to benefit the buyers.

TeleSign is a leader in innovative internet security solutions and provider of intelligent telephone-based verification solutions. TeleSign’s patent-pending Verification System provides a critical layer of security for online entities. TeleSign’s product suite includes two-factor authentication using the telephone, real-time telephone verification, SMS verification, and PhoneID, a service that provides critical information about telephone numbers. TeleSign is privately held and based in Beverly Hills, CA. For more information, visit www.telesign.com or call (310)276-7843.


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