Donald Mckenzie Jr. Creates Website to Help Future eBay Power Sellers

. September 17, 2007

Just over one year ago, entrepreneur and eBay power seller Donald Mckenzie Jr., began to brainstorm and implement ideas for helping ordinary people create an extraordinary home business opportunity online. Having witnessed a handful of his friends struggle with financial problems throughout their lives, he understands to a certain extent the struggle presented with creating a home based business.

Through his extensive research on the World Wide Web, Donald realized there was a vast number of websites promoting other home business opportunities which did not work effectively. Because of this problem, was born.

“A lot of web sites that I have seen do not properly advertise or present home business opportunities in the proper fashion, “says Donald, “I really want to help people with their financial problems worldwide. In my eyes, there is no better time to create a home based business than today.”

The website includes access to a diverse number of eBay e-books from increasing auction traffic to numerous eBay secrets. There are also links for many articles to help people on their journey to the first sale.

About Simple eBay Strategies:
Simple eBay Strategies is an online website providing everyday individuals with a chance to reach financial freedom. This website also showcases articles to help guide people along their way to their first sales.

Simple eBay Strategies can be found on the World Wide Web at

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