Gold To Be Hot Item for Online Auctions

. September 26, 2007 – Before you auction gold or silver in an online auction, or at any auction, check current prices and the forecast for price changes. That’s the advice from Alan Mendelson, a noted financial reporter who has covered teh metals markets since the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market in the late 1970’s.

Alan Mendelson, former KCAL-TV “Moneyman” resumes coverage of the gold and silver market on Mendelson “called” the start of the current bull run in gold in September 2005 and is available for TV and radio interviews.

His commentaries on gold and silver appear in the alerts and tips sections of the web site which also features videos from his Best Deals TV Show which is broadcast on KCAL-TV channel 9 in Los Angeles.

“We are close to a break out for new record-high prices for gold, and silver which is undervalued to gold, will quickly follow the gold breakout,” says Mendelson.

There are other metals already at record prices, says Mendelson, including copper and nickel. Many consumers don’t know that the nickels in their pockets are now worth about seven cents each because of their metallic content. And many consumers don’t realize that the 95% copper pennies in their pockets are actually holding about two and a half cents worth of copper in each one.

Soon, this spillover from the bull run in the metals will increase demand for gold and silver items at auction, and the rise in prices will draw new auction material to the auction block.

“Buyers and sellers have to know what’s going on,” says Mendelson, “and my commentaries on will keep them informed.”

“I recall the great metals run of 1979-1980 when families were taking old silver out of their closets — candle sticks and serving platters and silverwre — and selling them when silver was nearing $50 an ounce,” says Mendelson. “Those days are about to return.”

Mendelson was with CBS News in New York in early 1980 when the famous Hunt Brothers, the oil tycoons who tried to dominate the silver market, failed to make their margin calls on silver forcing a crash in the metals and in the stock market. Mendelson was the first to report the margin call development for CBS News and produced the TV news report that aired on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. Mendelson was an assignment editor and producer for CBS News at the time.

He has followed the trends in gold and silver since then, and in the summer of 2005 he accurately “called” the start of the new bull run in gold prices.

His web site reports show why silver is undervalued to gold.

Mendelson is available for media interviews and can be contacted at Creative Services Advertising in Los Angeles (the producers of his TV show) at (213) 252-2272.

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