Online Magazine for Mom Entrepreneurs for Sale on eBay — as Seen on ABC New

. October 1, 2007

When Bunmi Zalob came on the “mom-preneur” scene with her online magazine Mommy’s, no one could have guessed that only two years later the website would gain accolades from media sources as large as ABC News.

Today, the website that has touched the lives of thousands of hectic mom entrepreneurs, is for sale on eBay from September 25th until October 5th, 2007.

“I set out to create a new kind of resource for moms who own businesses and never expected it to get this big,” said Zalob.

Readers of Mommy’s currently enjoy forums, contests, and articles on topics ranging from hiring virtual assistants to branding. The website has been featured on some of the largest business and parenting websites including Clever Parents and eMoms at Home.

“I’ll always feel connected to Mommy’s Company, but writing has always been my true passion and I want to follow it,” said Zalob.

Zalob, who created her first business at 17, divided her time between running Mommy’s and contributing to Entrepreneur Magazine and many mom-oriented publications.

In August of 2007, Zalob sold half of her venture to graphic designer and fellow entrepreneur Brianna Young. Together, Young and Zalob added a podcast section of Mommy’s Company that is now available on iTunes.

“Whoever buys the site has a lot of creative license. There are many directions Mommy’s Company can go in; all with significant revenue opportunities,” said Young.

As of now, the profit from Mommy’s Company is all advertising-based. Alternate revenue sources, such as a paid classified section, can be created by the new owner.

When asked who she hoped ended up owning the business, Zalob said this, “Mommy’s has a huge following and great reputation. The new owner will have to be a leader at heart.”

The winner of the bidding will also receive the URL which is only display to show an alternate design and additional archived pages.

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