Carreg offer a unique Auction buying service

The UK’s number one on-line car registration number plate dealer Carreg have gain experience in the industry for nearly twenty years, in that time they have been involved in the sponsoring of the number plates auction price guide & The car numbers book, this experience is now available for clients, Carreg attend all auctions and will now bid for number plates for clients.

Auction Special:

Football Club related number plate WE57 HAM (WEST HAM) will be offered at the next auction at Down Hall Hotel, Bishops Stortford, Herts, from October 24-26. This is a great opportunity for a Hammers Fan to get a great number plate.
Carreg have been selling private number plates to thousands of satisfied customers, this has led to customers requesting the services of the Carreg team to bid for the special number plates that appear at the specialised auctions. The cost of the service is a £20 booking fee and should the bid be successful there is a £250 commission fee, and that is all, a small price to pay for knowing that the price is right.

Carreg have developed a client base that use this service to buy number plates only to re sell them, this shows that the price paid by Carreg clients at the auctions is much less than the retail value which gives the clients a return on their investment, only with the experience of nearly twenty years in the industry can this be done.

The staff at Carreg are willing and able to give free help and advise with regards to buying a number plate at one of the forthcoming auctions, number plates is Carreg, the company live and breathe number plates, which is why they are members of all of the industry governing bodies as well as being a recognised DVLA dealer.

The DVLA operate two different types of number plate auction, the Custom Marks Auction and the Classic collection. The Custom Marks Auction is for the lower priced number plates, while the Classic Collection is for the more distinctive number plates and are obviously more expensive.