Historic Globe from Hitlers Bunker in Online Auction

Proxibid, a premier provider of live auction broadcasting services, today announced that it will again provide live Internet bidding for Greg Martin Auctions’ upcoming auction. The live event, held over three days from November 12 – November 14 will feature fine antique and collectible arms, period and replica armor, sporting rifles, shotguns, accessories, ammunition and WWII memorabilia, including a globe owned by Adolf Hitler.

More than 2,400 items will be available for online bidding during the three-day auction, which begins at 9:00 a.m. PST on November 12, 13 and 14. One of the most notable items available for online bidding is Lot 1569, Historic Desktop Globe taken from Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” At Berchtesgaden, Germany By Xv U.S. Army. This lot will be available during day two of the auction, on Tuesday, November 13.

About Lot 1569: Hitler’s Globe
The German desktop world globe measures approximately 41-inches in circumference by 18-inches high. It has a metal radius and is mounted on a simple circular wooden base. The Globe is dated 10.1.1941 and has pen markings of submarine routes.

On May 10, 1945, Officer Barsamian accompanied by Warrant Officer Philip Zelkower, Jr., visited the ruins of Hitler’s private home in Berchtesgaden where Barsamian confiscated this globe from Hitler’s desk in the ruins of the “Eagle’s Nest.” The globe is accompanied by the following provenance:
• A copy of the original U.S. government importation receipt showing Hitler’s globe listed as one of the items Barsamian had sent home from the war;
• Numerous photos of Barsamian at the “Eagle’s Nest;”
• A sworn, notarized statement from Barsamian attesting to the circumstances and capture of the globe;
• Copies of pages of his pocket diary written during the war where he mentions the experience of visiting the “Eagle’s Nest” and capturing the globe. He writes: “… I picked up a swell global map of the world in Hitler’s House and I’ll send it home.”
• Copies of letters from Barsamian to his parents, describing in detail his visit to Berchtesgaden. In a typed letter dated May 10, 1945, he writes: “….Today I went and visited Adolf Hitler’s Home at Berchtesgaden in the Alps. I also visited the hotel where he dined and entertained Goering, Mussolini, etc….I was able to pick up from Hitler’s House a wonderful souvenir. It is a large global map of the world. It is like a big round ball. It is similar to the one that the Boghosians have in their home, however, this is written all in German. Inasmuch as I took it from Hitler’s House I wouldn’t be surprised the thing has been handled by Hitler and Mussolini. I really prize this souvenir. By golly you can put it in the store and tell the customers that this global map came from Hitler’s Den in Berchtesgaden.”
• Original period folding map of Berchtesgaden also captured from the Germans.

“The globe is a remarkable piece of history,” said Greg Martin of Greg Martin Auctions. “This is one of the most important pieces we have offered at auction. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of WWW II history.”

The catalog for this auction is already available online. Simply go to www.proxibid.com/gregmartin to view the catalog, register to bid or leave pre-bids.

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