DGSE Companies, Inc. Announces Creation of Superior Precious Metals, Inc.

. October 22, 2007

DGSE Companies, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGSE), which wholesales, retails and auctions fine watches, jewelry, diamonds, precious metal and rare coin products via traditional and Internet channels, today announced the formation of Superior Precious Metals, Inc. Superior Precious Metals, Inc (“SPM”) will provide a centralized marketing and trading center for DGSE and Superior Galleries, Inc. retail precious metals activity.

“With gold recently achieving a 28 year high, we have taken steps to substantially increase our existing robust precious metals segment. In recent years, we have invested heavily in the infrastructure necessary to support a substantial expansion of our precious metals activity. Our USBullionExhange, Inc. trading desk and USBullionExchange.com internet site, when fully integrated with SPM, will allow us to actively facilitate account management, enhance retail trading activities and expand rare coin distribution. We are extremely fortunate to have hired a seasoned executive with over 20 years in the precious metals business to lead this group as Managing Director. Thomas DiMaria joined our organization on October 5th, 2007 in Dallas, Texas,” noted William H. Oyster, President and Chief Operating Officer of DGSE Companies, Inc.

DGSE Companies, Inc. wholesales retails and auctions jewelry, diamonds, fine watches, and precious metal bullion and rare coins products to domestic and international customers through its Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, Charleston Gold and Diamond Exchange, Superior Galleries and National Jewelry Exchange subsidiaries and well as through the internet. DGSE also owns Fairchild International, Inc., one of the largest vintage watch wholesalers in the country. In addition to its retail facilities in Dallas and Euless, Texas, Charleston, South Carolina and Beverly Hills, California, the Company operates live Internet auctions which can be accessed at www.dgse.com and through Superior Galleries’ website at www.sgbh.com. Real-time price quotations and real-time order execution in precious metals are provided on another DGSE web site at www.USBullionExchange.com. Wholesale customers can access our full vintage watch inventory through the restricted site at www.FairchildWatches.com. DGSE also purchases precious metals, rare coins, watches, diamonds and jewelry through www.Americangoldandsilverexchange.com and over 900 supporting websites. The Company also makes collateralized consumer loans at its two Dallas locations and payday loans at three facilities in New Mexico.

The Company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and its common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol “DGSE”.

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