Netbiscuits and eBay Offer On-the-Go Auctions and Commerce Services to Mobile Consumers in the U.S.

. October 23, 2007

Wireless I.T. & Entertainment — Netbiscuits, the first Web based software service for universal mobile content adaptation, brings mobile auctions and commerce to eBay fans in the United States so that they never miss an opportunity to bid on an auction. The new eBay mobile portal, based on the Netbiscuits platform, brings Internet capabilities such as browsing, bidding and purchasing items to mobile devices for on-the-go access anywhere and at any time. It also eases consumer pain of browsing on their mobile phone by automatically fitting the content to the screen size for their respective mobile device.
eBay offers to its consumers multiple mobile services: SMS alerts, mobile sites and mobile clients.
“Shoppers are always on the go, moving quickly though online Web sites in order to secure the best bargain deals,” said Ran Farmer, Managing Director of Netbiscuits powered by Dynetic Mobile Solutions in the U.S. “Today’s announcement further demonstrates Netbiscuits collaborative efforts with eBay to bring consumers a seamless online experience — whether they are at home using their PC, or on-the-go using their mobile devices — allowing them to maintain their fast-pace shopping lifestyle so that they never miss a deal.”
eBay and Netbiscuits powered by Dynetic Mobile Solutions have also deployed some of these mobile services in other countries such as Australia, Germany, India, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom.
About Netbiscuits
Netbiscuits(TM) is the first web based software service for universal mobile content adaptation, to self-enable, adapt and deliver any content for all mobile and consumer electronic devices and channels, to exchange with mobile experts and market applications online on a community platform.
The Netbiscuits(TM) web service gives you control over mobile enabling, regardless of whether you are a professional mobile application developer, a manager whose task is to bring content to mobiles quickly, or an advertiser who wants to run mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.
Already today Netbiscuits(TM) processes more than 1 billion page impressions generated by more than 200 business customers around the globe. Thousands of mobile developers create customized mobile applications every day. Top content brands such as eBay, AOL, Musicload, Spiegel, WeatherBug, Clipfish, RTL television and freenet utilize the power of Netbiscuits(TM). The applications built on Netbiscuits(TM) range from simple mobile advertising landing pages, complex dynamic mobile Web sites, user generated content community services, and audio/video applications to mobile content and software shops.
Netbiscuits(TM) has been developed and is powered by Dynetic Mobile Solutions, the leading global mobile content transcoding software provider. Dynetic has offices in North America, Europe and Asia and currently has more than 75 employees.

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