Barretts Equine Limited First West Coast Auction Facility to Employ Eklin Digital Repository(TM)

. October 31, 2007 – Barretts Equine Limited, a leading California Thoroughbred auction facility, recently became the first West Coast auction house to employ the Eklin Digital Repository(TM) for review of digital radiographs (DR). Six review workstations were installed at Barretts October Yearling Sale, held earlier this month, by Eklin Medical Systems to accommodate rapid veterinary evaluation of sale horse extremity (legs) health. Barretts is the second U.S. equine auction facility to use this state-of-the-art technology which is based on technology developed for Keeneland, the world’s largest Thoroughbred auction house.
“We hold several auctions that result in millions of dollars in equine sales revenues each year,” said Jerry McMahon, president and general manager for Barretts. “We felt it was important to offer our clients the same cutting edge DR review capabilities as industry-leader Keeneland provides. The Eklin Digital Repository offers an excellent digital review resource for our evaluating veterinarians. Most importantly, it can be scaled to support either our smallest or largest auctions.”
Barretts holds six Thoroughbred auctions per year which result in the sale of approximately 2,000 horses. Revenues from these sales normally exceed $40 million. The company’s premier auctions are the March and May sales which account for almost 75 percent of the annual revenues. Barretts plans on expanding the Eklin Digital Repository to accommodate those two auctions next spring along with its June sale.
“The response to the new repository and availability to review digital radiographs was extremely positive,” said McMahon. “In fact, we observed disappointment from the veterinarians when only film-based x-rays were available on a particular horse. They definitely preferred the efficiency of evaluating digital versus film radiographs. We look forward to working with the Eklin Digital Repository for the upcoming sales.”
Just as digital cameras have made photography easier and more efficient by eliminating film, DR systems provide the clinician with a radiographic image that can be viewed immediately at a review workstation, including a high- resolution monitor, without the need for film development. DR systems also offer sophisticated image processing tools, giving the clinician much greater depth of information that can be enlarged or manipulated for far better detail, resulting in closer scrutiny of potential areas of concern.
In the past when film-based x-rays were primarily used, Barretts repository, functioning similar to a library, checked out the exam folder containing 32 x-rays to the buyer’s representative veterinarian. The veterinarian then took the films to a medical light box within the repository, hanging each film on it in order to conduct a review of the images, often using a magnifying glass to see small details. The films were returned to the repository librarian who checked the folder back in, ready for the next reviewing veterinarian.
“This manually intense procedure is not only time consuming, but also limits the review of a particular horse’s radiograph exam to one veterinarian at a time,” said Gary R. Cantu, president and CEO of Eklin. “With the Eklin Digital Repository, multiple reviews of high quality digital images on one horse can be conducted at any given time. As we found at Keeneland, this solution provides major workflow and diagnostic advantages which can easily be scaled to support any size auction’s image evaluation needs.”
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