Bargain-Hunter Portal Reports Large Increase in Popularity of Its Government Auctions Blog

. December 20, 2007, a division of Cyweb Holdings Inc., recently announced that its daily government auctions blog has experienced a substantial gain in popularity amid bargain hunters of all stripes.

The idea for the blog ( came about one day when Cyweb’s Vice President Michael Pesochinsky, a former chemist, was perusing a science blog to get updated on energy conservation and creation techniques in development.

Everywhere you go on the net people are blogging. “Blogging is an ideal way of really getting your message across whether it’s about movies, video games, politics, or even life in general; and we thought what better way to get the word out about government auctions and foreclosures than through this medium,” says Mr. Pesochinsky. “We felt blogging was such an effectual way of being heard, that anyone seeking information on and unbiased views of auctions and foreclosures would want to check it out.”

As far as is concerned, there is a reason why blogging has become a cultural phenomenon in recent years, not just in the U.S. but all over the world. “What makes our blog posts so effective is that they provide a personal and unique way to communicate with our current and prospective customers,” explains Pesochinsky. “The blogger is a real person that, by talking to people in a conversational manner, humanizes our company and website.” He adds that “by gaining the reader’s trust, a blog not only provides a personal link to the company that’s difficult to duplicate through most any other medium, but also puts a friendly front on a seemingly vague auction process.”

To this end,’s blog not only gets the word out about upcoming auctions but also gives potential auction attendees an effective taste of what the auction process is really like. It basically is a way for them to experience auctions viscerally without many having yet actually attended one. “There are a few skeptical folks out there that find the idea of getting real bargains on government seized or surplus property disingenuous, and an illustrative blog that actually shows and describes items up for bid at a current government auction along with their prices alleviates that initial doubt and apprehension,” adds Pesochinsky. “Moreover, we’ve managed to find some of the best bloggers around and have received nothing but praise from our customers and reviewers since our blog’s introduction.”

About® ( is a membership-based web site for bargain hunters that helps its users find and participate in government auctions of seized and surplus property. It also provides its members with access to its nationwide database of real estate foreclosure listings across the United States.

About Cyweb Holdings Inc.
Cyweb Holdings, Inc. ( is a company that, through its divisions and holdings, provides high quality web-based information services to the public and other businesses. The company consists of personnel and management who, combined, have extensive experience in business, government, law, software and technology, and who have committed themselves to use their backgrounds and knowledge to create, sustain, and invest in superior information products in various markets.

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