Dubbid.com Online Auto Auction Grand Opening: All Types of Payments Accepted, No Fees until March 2008

Dubbid.com announces its new online auto auction site, with no fees until March, a range of payment options, and a low starting bid. In addition to the same PayPal payments accepted by eBay Motors, Dubbid.com sellers will also accept payments made with almost any merchant account or e-wallet. And buyers and sellers can register for free until March of 2008. Finally, this new site is partnered with government and public auction services in an effort to offer these houses another venue for trading.

In addition to public and government auction partnerships, Dubbid.com has teamed up with Comparison Market, Carchex, DAS Auto Shippers, CarFax and Capitol One Auto Finance. Each of these associations benefits buyers and sellers, with information and services for auto insurance comparison quotes, vehicle background checks, inspection, protection, national and international shipping, and financing.

Other features of Dubbid.com include a low starting bid, usually 100 USD, a careful screening of sellers, and tools that help the buyer conducting a search for used luxury cars for sale. Also, those new to the site will find the help they need getting started with a comprehensive “Help” page that offers clear directions on how to sell, the types of auctions available, the process of buying out, how to register, and how to place a bid.

What is so unique about Dubbid.com, owner Anatoly Pogorelov explains, is that “in addition to our low starting bid, clear instructions, convenient partnerships, and flexible payment options that go far beyond PayPal payments, we are in partnership with public and government auctions that want to try a new way to sell online. Buyers will have a much bigger selection to bid on.”

And once buyers have won an auction, they’ll find numerous payment options in addition to the typical PayPal payments. It’s a vehicle auction site feature beneficial to sellers and buyers alike.

“Our online auto auction sellers accept PayPal, but they will take payments through almost any merchant account, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover, and any e-wallet, like moneybookers.com, WorldPay.com, Authorize.net, and Nochex,” explains site founder Anatoly Pogorelov.

Dubbid.com online auto auctions benefit both those selling quality, carefully screened vehicles and those customers who are looking for an easy, secure way to purchase used autos.

For more information about dubbid.com, contact Anatoly Pogorelov at info(at)dubbid.com.

Dub Bid Auto Auction was recently launched by Anatoly Pogorelov with the vision of offering a large inventory of vehicles and the most flexible payment options to attract both buyers and sellers. With a commitment to security and integrity, Pogorelov intends to be part of making online auto auctions a preferable approach for trading vehicles.