Commercial Auction Focuses On Modular and Pre-Fab Buildings From U.S. Manufacturers

. January 17, 2008

Westboro, MA – IndustrialSAVER, a B2B auction-based site for industrial and construction products and social media blog for engineers and other industrial buyers and suppliers, announced today the addition of modular metal and steel buildings as part of its online buying guide. According to the company, the new publication is designed to connect buyers with primarily North American-based manufacturers and suppliers of pre-fab and modular buildings.

Christine Miller, spokesperson for IndustrialSAVER said the guide includes offerings for a broad range of steel and metal buildings for industrial, commercial, construction, livestock, recreational vehicle storage, housing, hobbyist, offices, garage and other applications. Including complete prefab building kits, factory built modular homes, steel building workshops, prefab wood buildings, outdoor sheds, barns and other types of U.S. made modular buildings.

The commercial auction is free to access and participate at where users can view a variety of pre-fab and modular steel and metal buildings and accessories such as doors, windows, panels, lighting and building hardware. Manufacturers of pre-fabricated buildings can also add their own offerings to the auction as well as IndustrialSAVER’s B2B directory and interactive buying guide.

“Before you invest in a metal prefab or modular building, it’s wise to compare the different features, services and prices offered by as many manufacturers as possible,” says Dominic Matello, Marketing Manager of IndustrialSAVER. He added, “It’s important to realize the cost of prefab metal and steel buildings vary widely and you’ll want to make sure you’re not just getting a good value but you’re buying from a supplier able to provide complete solutions to meet your needs. The only way to do that is to compare their materials, services and capabilities side-by-side, which our auction and buying guide helps you to do.”

IndustrialSAVER recently released a specialized directory to promote not only modular and prefab steel buildings but also a broad range of other industrial and construction products as well at “Whether you need industrial supplies, used machine tools, heavy machinery or other manufacturing and construction materials, IndustrialSAVER can help you find a deal that matches your budget.” says Matello.


IndustrialSAVER is an online auction store and money-saving buying guide for engineers, manufacturers, construction companies and other industrial buyers. The site is designed to help you find some of the best deals on all kinds of industrial supplies, equipment and machinery as well as heavy construction equipment from manufacturers, distributors and dealers primarily serving North America. Those in the market for competitive priced industrial or construction products can access the site at

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