Auction Bargain Finder Offers Easy to Use Software at an Unbeatable Price

. February 12, 2008 – Searching for the wildly popular Apple iPhone on auction sites like eBay is like walking into a popular mall on the day after Thanksgiving, busy and overwhelming. Trying to find a deal on that iPhone on these sites can become a search likened to finding the needle in a haystack. Unless of course you have an advantage, a secret weapon so to speak, that will uncover all the best deals on the site with a press of a single button. Enter Auction Bargain Finder, an easy to use software application that helps users uncover the hidden deals and steals on the major auctions sites around the net. offers visitors an incredible piece of software that works as a virtual shopping advocate to get you the best possible deal on any item listed on popular sites like eBay, and uBid. The key to the software application’s success is its misspelled listing tool. This simple, yet incredibly effective tool scours auction sites for misspelled listings.

The logic behind this misspelled listing tool is that most people would never find or ever bid on a misspelled listing. For example, if a seller mistakenly left the letter e off of the word iPhone in their listing headline, chances are it would not show up for most shoppers searches. The net effect of this tiny type-o is a deal waiting to be snatched. Popular items are often left up for bidders to bid on, and without the proper spelling in the headline, most bidders will never discover the auction, and thus keeping the bid price extremely low.

Auction Bargain Finder is the premier software for uncovering these hidden gem listings. What makes the software such an irresistible download is its cost. At an unbelievable price of free, people are rushing to download this program at a feverish pace.

While similar applications are often accompanied by an e-book and complicated installation instructions, Auction Bargain Finder is easy to use, and provides simple training lessons via email.

Adding to the allure of this popular free software is its added features, including a bargain sort feature that will eliminate all auctions over a particular price when prompted. The software allows for search on a total of five different online marketplaces.

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