World Energy Launches World Green Exchange, an Auction Platform for Environmental Commodities

. February 20, 2008

World Energy Solutions, Inc. , the leading operator of online exchanges for energy, today announced the official launch of the World Green Exchange, an auction platform for environmental commodities.

Since 2003, World Energy has transacted nearly 1 billion kilowatt hours of green power over its award winning World Energy Exchange. Seeing the need for an auction platform for environmental commodities, World Energy has adapted its World Energy Exchange auction technology and proven process to create a trusted and transparent marketplace in which to buy or sell green power, RECs, VERs and carbon offsets – the World Green Exchange.

In past months, World Energy has successfully completed several pioneering transactions in the renewable energy, green credit and carbon markets space:

– Green power – A reverse auction for renewable energy yielded a 17 percent greening of the State of Connecticut’s overall energy portfolio, causing the EPA to cite the state government as one of the greenest in the country. – Renewable Energy Certificates – For a Midwest utility, World Energy sourced RECs at an 8% discount to the utility’s price target. – Solar Renewable Energy Certificates – MMA Renewable Ventures ran a forward auction for 1500 solar renewable energy certificates, earning a premium over prevailing bid-ask prices. – Voluntary Emission Reductions – Atmosclear, an organization committed to providing offsets to help consumers and businesses reduce their contribution to global warming, was able to sell 75,000 metric tonnes of VERs at a 20% premium in a forward auction. – Carbon emission compliance – Verdant Energy, a leading Canadian power supplier, auctioned off 80,000 metric tonnes of carbon offsets under the recently established Alberta Offset System – the first compliance-based auction of carbon offsets in North America. The forward auction yielded a price significantly higher than prices quoted to Verdant before the auction. Commentary & Quotes: Rich Domaleski, CEO, World Energy Solutions

“World Energy recognizes the need for structured auction events in this nascent market. In illiquid and opaque markets, the World Energy auction process has achieved better results than traditional methods such as bilaterally-brokered transactions, bid-ask exchanges or paper RFPs. The World Green Exchange provides a superior price discovery mechanism by enabling buyers and sellers to see what the market will command in real time, thus allowing the true forces of market competition to deliver the efficient pricing result.”

Robert Genuario, Secretary, State of Connecticut (Commenting in

October 18, 2007 announcement for renewable energy auction)

“The World Energy Exchange and their team of knowledgeable industry experts provided even more value than we had anticipated. We were especially pleased with the aggressive pricing we received for green power and given the success of this first procurement, we look forward to leveraging World Energy again to address other energy needs.”

Sid Embree, Atmosclear (Commenting in December 14, 2007 announcement

around verified emission reductions)

“We chose to work with World Energy because of its ability to quickly bring verified emission reductions into an online auction environment. The platform is an easy to use tool for sellers of emission reductions who want to find buyers.”

Hal Hamilton, Founder, Verdant Energy (Commenting in January 23, 2008 announcement concerning first North American online auction for carbon emissions compliance)

“This auction far exceeded our expectations. Initially we were skeptical as to whether an auction would work, since the market for carbon offsets and emissions reductions transactions is still emerging. World Energy certainly delivered. They gave us a real time view into pricing, vetted the bidders, set up the transaction and ultimately delivered significant revenue to our bottom line.”

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World Energy operates leading online exchanges for energy and environmental commodities. Our proven approach provides market intelligence, promotes liquidity, and creates price transparency for all market participants, enabling our customers to transact with confidence and to seek the best possible price. To date, the company has transacted over 40 billion kwh of electricity, 700 million kwh of green power and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and one trillion cubic feet of natural gas. For more information, please visit

This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from those indicated in the forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: our revenue is dependent on actual future energy purchases pursuant to completed procurements; the demand for our services is affected by changes in regulated prices or cyclicality or volatility in competitive market prices for energy; we depend on a small number of key energy consumers, suppliers and channel partners; there are factors outside our control that affect transaction volume in the electricity market; and there are other factors identified in our Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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