Alderfer Auction Company Sells 1939 Ford Woody Wagon For $47,300

On Saturday, January 19, the Alderfer Auction Company, in conjunction with Todd Wish Enterprises, sold a large collection of fresh-to-market “Barnfind” vintage automobiles and parts to a near record-setting crowd in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. And the key word here was “Barnfind”. It’s getting harder for serious car restorers to locate specific vintage makes and models that no one has yet attempted to restore, and this collection was truly fresh-to-market, direct from a farm and barn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Most of these vehicles had been sitting since the early 1970’s, either in a fallen-down barn, or in the surrounding fields nearby. It was not an easy task getting at some of those automobiles, and it was dangerous work at times. But Todd Wish and friends were able to retrieve more that fifty vehicles, and a huge quantity of mostly foreign and early Ford auto parts, which led to a bonanza for all of those who attended the auction.

Originally scheduled to be held at Wish’s Hatfield Auto Museum, at the last minute the Auction was moved to the Alderfer Auction Center several miles away. That move proved to be a blessing in disguise, because when Auction-day had arrived, nearly 500 registered bidders descended upon the small borough of Hatfield, along with more than 500 additional bystanders and onlookers. That crowd of 1,000+ would have easily exceeded the standing-room-only capacity at the Hatfield Auto Museum. Bidders came from far-and-wide, with license plates from 18 different states spotted in the Alderfer parking lot. Alderfer’s needed the overflow parking next door just to accommodate the flatbeds and vehicles towing trailers. Throw in telephone bidders, absentee bidders, and nearly 300 eBay Live Auction registered bidders, and Alderfer’s had a full house that day.

When the doors opened for Auction Preview, at 7 a.m. that Saturday morning, Alderfer’s back lot looked like an auto salvage yard. Under the pavilion were hundreds of boxes of smaller auto parts, including such items as headlights, lenses, gaskets, steering wheels, and general petroliana collectibles. Nearly 100 skids were strategically positioned nearby, offering larger items such as vintage fenders, bumpers, wheels, tires, radiators, car trunks, body panels, carburetors, horns, radios, heaters, manifolds, and other items.

Auto parts started selling at 9 a.m. with two auctioneers selling simultaneously and by noon, one auctioneer was still selling. Most items on the skids were sold “buyer’s choice,” allowing bidders to compete for any special parts they may have needed to complete their own automotive project. Some of the top auto part lots included: two early Ford fenders ($1,430); one MG TD motor ($1,430); one Texaco Easy Pour advertising sign ($935). Other fenders sold in the $220 to $715 range; two front axles brought $550; two Model A cowls went for $467; a convertible top frame brought $440; and a BMW Isetta 300 engine realized $330.

But the highlight of the auction began at noon when Alderfer’s offered more than 50 vintage automobiles. Some were early Fords, others circa 1960’s European, and a few slightly more contemporary. Few were in running condition. Certain vehicles were “parts” cars (good only for parts), while others were ready for restoration.

The top selling lot was a 1939 Ford Woody Wagon, selling for a strong $47,300 to a west coast buyer. What caused the price of this car to soar? According to Todd Wish, it was because the car was in “unmolested condition”. Woodys are hot today, with 1939 Woodys being especially hot. This car had its original hardware, its original latches, and it had never been touched, the way it was when it was new, which appealed to many people.

Other top selling auto lots included: 1938 Ford Convertible ($14,300); 1922 Ford Model T Woody Wagon ($9,900); 1931 Ford Model A Roadster ($9,350), and a 1936 Ford Convertible ($7,700). A medium Hit-N-Miss motor sold for $7,700, and a large Hit-N-Miss “Woodpecker” motor sold for $3,300. Other representative prices included a 1952 MG TD ($7,150); circa 1960 BMW Isetta 600 ($6,600); 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite ($2,400); 1947 Hudson Pickup Truck ($2,040); and a circa 1960 Goggomobile ($1,870).

Visit the Alderfer Web Site ( for a complete post sale price list of the 50+ vintage autos sold in this auction. Note: All prices quoted in this report include the applicable Buyer’s Premium).

For further details, or to consign to Alderfer’s next Vintage Auto Auction, contact Michael Ivankovich at (215) 393-3002; or by e-mailing: [email protected]