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. February 26, 2008

onlinelogo.jpgDue to recent changes by industry giant eBay, people are flocking to (OLA) like never before. “Our credit card processing service had a hard time keeping up with us,” said Chris Fain, CEO of OnlineAuction. He continued, “This is like a mass exodus from our largest competitor. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Recently Fain was interviewed by CNN/Fortune about the online seller rebellion. “…there’s a huge window of opportunity,” he acknowledged. To read more of the interview:

OLA is enjoying a significant gain in the number of registered users and items listed. The company’s growth and the support and enthusiasm of new users to the site is energizing says Fain. He continues, “The site is gaining huge traction in the online auction market place and there is exponential growth occurring right now.”

To bring about a real change in the online auction industry, sellers are urged to band together to build one site into the new industry giant. They need to make sure that the site has guarantees in place that the customers’ interests will be of primary concern to the company. Progress must be made with the consumer in mind, not as a cash cow, but a partner. OLA executives, many of whom are former auctioneers and online Power Sellers, vow never to lose sight of the best interest of the individual seller. “We’ve all been there.” said one.

Recently, OLA posted their Declaration of Cyber Independence. To view this and a personal message from OLA founder and CEO Chris Fain:

The OnlineAuction mission is to offer our customers an online auction experience that is user friendly, feature rich, fun, and economical. OLA is committed and dedicated to the success of our customers.

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