Red Baron Antiques Last Auction

It has long since been said that all good things must come to an end. Now, after 36 years of outrageous triumph Red Baron’s Antiques will host its very last auction, September 27 and 28, in Atlanta, GA. It is truly the end of an era, the last hurrah, the grand finale, the final performance. As only the most extravagant finales deserve, they are bringing in the heavy ammunition and have more fireworks than the 4th of July. They will headline the show with cars that swim, original exhibits from the renowned P.T. Barnum, such as the “Bog People” and a prototype for a winged flying machine, extraordinary jewels, beautiful antiques, and even a yacht.

Reminiscent of the traditions of P.T. Barnum himself, the circus-like atmosphere, the controlled chaos, and the intense excitement are sure to ensue. The 1967 Amphicar and the 1944 GMC DUKW353, The DUCK, are amongst the numerous oddities to be sold. Both can be driven on land or in water. The Amphicar, a fun little convertible for weekend outings, is quite the site, while the Duck was the most unique tactical military vehicle ever made. It was used during World War II to transport men and materials on land and through water. Both are a sight to see!

Then, there are the “Bog People,” with their final resting place in a canoe that has long since seen better days. This exhibit brings ghastly thoughts and intrigue, as well as a bit of a mystery to haunt the mind, for sure.

As for intrigue, have you ever wanted your own set of wings? Like Icarus, many men have wanted their chance to fly too close to the sun, but few have gotten it. Red Baron will sell one of the original models, numbered 2/50, for a prototype of wings that worked.

If flying is not your thing, set sail on The Baroness, a 105’ Motor Yacht that will be up for auction. With a $2 million minimum bid, it will sell to the highest bidder.

For the ladies, well, they certainly wouldn’t forget your jewels on such an occasion – stunning diamond rings, Riviera necklaces, and extraordinary watches for him or her.

Don’t forget what Red Baron is internationally known for either, the largest selection of antique furniture and architectural pieces to ever be sold in one place and at one time. Over 2500 lots of antiques, cars, jewelry and collectibles will be sold over the weekend of September 27 & 28, as Red Baron goes out with a bang in its Grand Final. They have saved the best for last. Don’t miss it!

For additional information, inquiries or a catalog, contact Red Baron’s Antiques, 6450 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328, 404.252.3770

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