Art Auctions in Italy for Design, Modern and Contemporary Art

. November 21, 2008

At Pandolfini’s Auction House, in Florence and Milan, two of the most important art auctions in Italy will take place. Two catalogues will be published for these auctions in Italy.

The first, devoted to Design, contains about 165 lots made between the 40s and 70s. Among the people in the auction: Gianfranco Frattini, with a Table mod No. 522, of 1956 (estimated 1.000/1.100 Euros); Carlo De Carli, with a table of 1963 (estimated 3.500/4.500 Euros), Gio Ponti with the famous “Ultra light” chairs, by Cassina Production of the late 50s; the Archizoom Associates, with several lots, including floor lamp Sanremo of 1968 by Poltronova Production (estimated 4.000/5.000 Euros) and Sofa Safari, by the same production (estimated 8000 / 10,000 Euros), the Sofa La Cova by Gianni Ruffi of 1973 by Poltronova Production (estimated 13.000/16.000 Euros). Ugo Betti, with the Chair Foemina of 1969 (estimated 1.200/1.4000 Euros), Gae Aulenti with a Suite Locus Solus of 1970; Ettore Sottssas, a marble Demistella Console, by Up & Down production (estimated 4.000/5.000 Euros); Gaetano Pesce with Sofa Sit Down of 1975 by Cassina Production, (estimated 2.000/3.000 Euros). We would also mention Osvaldo Borsani, Paolo Buffa, Gianfranco Fini, Vico Magistretti, Ico and Luisa Parisi, Carlo Scarpa, and Toni Zuccheri.

Dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art, the second catalogue contains 210 lots, with works of art from the 30s to nowadays. Among the performers are: Gino Severini (Cortona 1883 – Paris 1966) with Danseuse, tempera on canvas paper (estimated 25.000/30.000 Euros) and with Giovanni Pescatore of 1939, oil on canvas, (estimate 40.000/50.000 Euros); Franco Gentilini (Faenza 1909 – Rome 1981) with The Truck of 1954; Carlo Carrà (Quargnento 1881 – Milan 1966) of a Marina with boats, oil on canvas of 1961 (estimated 70.000/100.000 Euros), Virgilio Guidi (Rome 1981 – Venezia 1984) Portrait of a mother of 1931 (estimated 25,000 Euros).

The magnificent Crucifixion sur fond rouge, oil painting of the 60s by Marc Chagall (Vitebsk 1887 – Saint-Paul-de-Vence 1985) (estimated 150,000 Euros), a painting on canvas by Andr Masson (Balagny 1896 – Paris 1987) of 1949 Hibou avec lievre (estimated 35,000 Euros), a sculpture of 1966 reflected N.4, by Pietro Consagra (Mazara del Vallo, Trapani 1920 – Milan 2005), an urban three-dimensional guerrilla, work of 1968 by the Spanish painter Rafael Canogar (Toledo 1935), (estimated 18,000 Euros) also mentioned, a work of 1960 by the Japanese action painter Kazuo Shiraga, Mizu no oto (the sound of water), (85000), a painting of the analytical period by Claudio Verna (Guardiagrele (CH) (1937) (estimated 14,000 Euros), Monument to the dustbin, work of art of 1990 by Mattia Moreni (Pavia 1920 – Brisighella 1999), (estimated 30,000 Euros), to finish a title less of 1970 (estimated 55,000 Euros) by the Cuban Artist Wilfredo Lam (1902-1982).

This auction in Italy presents the production of some Italian contemporary artists. Among them, Salvo (Enna 1947) with a large painting format (200×150 cm), 1988 (estimated 30,000 Euros). Also present at the auction some of the most significant artists of the Italian avant-garde, including Pino Pascali, with Mould, a rare work of art of 1963 (Bari 1935 – Roma 1968, estimated 9000 Euros), Achille Pace, Vasco Bendini, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Giuseppe Tagliaferro and Claudio Olivieri with an Ipocromia of 1973 (100×150).

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