CarsPal New Online Car Auction

A new online auction dedicated to selling and buying cars for export – – will be launched on June 1. The exceptionally different approach to automobile auction service makes CarsPal stand out of the analogous web-auctions. The main features of the resource are promised to satisfy every car buyer and seller, namely:

* Low prices and fixed auction fee
* More than 4,000 cars for sale daily
* Money back guarantee
* Detailed car description
* Detailed sales history
* User friendly interface
* Bilingual support
* Social networking
* Registration within 24 hours

It is important to highlight that has introduced to car buyers an unprecedented service of receiving a detailed car sales history free of charge. It considerably simplifies the process of a car choice. CarsPal auction provides car buyers with shipping to the port service. This opportunity helps car buyers escape the necessity of a third party shipping company hiring. Moreover, the auction works on an export-only basis, which results in competition reduction and intermediacy elimination.

Anton Tombu, president of the Los Angeles-based Carspal Inc. states: “We are proud to offer car buyers and sellers a wide range of quality auctioning services for affordable prices and on acceptable conditions. CarsPal will help you gain access to an infinite amount of cars from the US for sale” is aiming to carve out a niche in the auto auction marketplace. The site has been designed keeping in view the needs of the modern day online auctioneer. It employs
state-of-the-art technological tools and offers users a safe and profitable environment for online bidding, buying and selling.

Apart from common auctioning services provider, is a web 2.0 based portal enabling its users share their ideas, leave comments, and expressing opinions. is believed to start a new dawn for online automobile auctioning.

About is a web 2.0 based automobile auction that brings together sellers and buyers of used vehicles. The auction unites over 6 000 Eligible Automotive Dealerships, car rental agencies, car manufacturers, and financial agencies. CarsPal provides its customers a reliable and safe marketplace to choose from a variety of vehicles for export.