Dracula Poster Auctioned for World Record Price

The original movie poster for Universal’s 1931 Horror thriller Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, went to the auction block last Saturday night.

dracula-poster.jpgOnce belonging to famed actor Nicolas Cage, the poster sold for a record breaking $310,700. One of only three known copies, “Dracula is one of the most important movie posters in the world”, said the buyer and movie poster expert Ralph DeLuca, of Madison NJ. Mr. DeLuca also purchased the only know insert card poster for the 1932 Tod Browning film Freaks for $108,000. That poster was bought at an antique store in southern California by the consignors for $10 in the 1970’s. “When I see a great rare movie poster I love, I have to get it and will pay whatever price is necessary”. Deluca, who already has one of the world’s best movie poster collections said these two posters will be a welcome addition to his home. “Movie Posters not only provide you with great artwork and enjoyment, but have also been a solid proven investment that way outperforms stocks and real estate”, said Deluca who was a former investment banker. The same style Dracula poster sold for just under $80,000 around ten years ago at auction. In closing Deluca states that he is always happy to provide free appraisals of movie posters, concert posters, and related entertainment memorabilia and is ALWAYS buying.

For more information contact Ralph DeLuca via his website http://www.ralphdeluca.com or call him toll-free 800-392-4050