Bidswamp Banner Ad Auction Launched, an Ad Space Auction website which launched today, allows publishers and advertisers to deal directly with one another.

Advertisers and marketers are free to roam around and scope out what’s on offer by watching auctions. They can bid for Ad Space, buy out or make offers to willing sellers. Being able to compare inventory and deal directly with publishers enables buyers to get a feel for the quality and pricing ranges they need to be looking for.

“Our website gives advertisers the opportunity to experience first hand what ad networks do on an automated basis. The only way to find quality targeted placements, is to find them yourself”, says Bednar.

The website allows owners of content sites, blogs or any other website wanting to sell Ad Space (called publishers), to list their inventory and sell via auction, buy now or “make me an offer’ formats. Publishers can choose their payment method, whether it be time based (ie: $x amount for one month), pay per click, cost per thousand impression or other).

A snapshot of the seller’s homepage is taken automatically while allowing them to stipulate the price and/or starting bid, a description of the space and website, their analytics and any other information or conditions they wish to add.

“In the current downturn, many businesses are still looking to invest valuable dollars into online advertising. We realise the hardships advertisers encounter when looking for direct placements and our aim is to ease this process” says Bednar.

As the website is still in early stages of launch, members may keep an eye out for future auctions by using “keyword watch”, available through the member’s area. This feature enables members to become notified each time an auction is listed relevant to their interests.