Hart Davis Hart to Sell an Important Collection of Wines from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and a Magnificent Assortment of Lafite Rothschild in an Auction Estimated at $2.9-$4.3 Million on June 26th in Chicago

. June 1, 2010

Auction features the second largest offering of Domaine de La Romanée-Conti in Hart Davis Hart history featuring 117 lots estimated at $518,650-$775,200 and 86 lots of Lafite Rothschild estimated to bring $674,470-$1,014,850

(Chicago, IL) – Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. will hold an auction of over 1100 lots of Finest and Rarest wines at 9:00 a.m on June 26th at award-winning restaurant Tru, located at 676 North St. Clair Street in Chicago.

This special auction includes the second largest selection of wines from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti ever offered by Hart Davis Hart (second only to the $11.2 million Fox Cellar). Included are a pristine case of 1990 La Tâche and 15 lots of the ultra-rare Romanée-Conti vineyard. Assortment cases, bottles, magnums, jeroboams, and methusalem of DRC will be sold from famous vintages such as 1969, 1978, 1985 and 1990, along with every vintage from 1992-2006.

The auction also includes an enormous selection of Château Lafite-Rothschild – the wine auction world’s most explosive performer – which could bring more than $1 million. Vintages on offer range from 1962-2006, including 10 lots of 1982 Lafite, the highest performing wine in the HDH Auction Index with a 3-year gain of 227%.

Other wines to be sold include large quantities of Haut Brion, Latour, Margaux, Mouton, Pétrus, Le Pin, Armand Rousseau, Harlan Estate, Screaming Eagle, and Sine Que Non. Make your reservations now as this auction is not to be missed!

The live auction will take place at Chicago’s award winning restaurant Tru, beginning promptly at 9:00 a.m. (CDT) on June 26th. Tru is located at 676 N. St. Clair Street in Chicago. Attendance is open to the public and free of charge. Reservations for lunch at Tru during the auction ($75) should be made by contacting Gwen Brooks at 312.573.5599 or gbrooks@hdhwine.com.

Highlights of the June 26th Auction Include:
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Highlights
Lot 208: 1995 Romanée-Conti (6 bs) (est. $30000-45000)
Lot 234: 2003 Romanée-Conti (3 mags) (est. $30000-45000)
Lot 201: 1990 Romanée-Conti (3 bs) (est. $28000-42000)
Lot 361: 1999 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Assortment (owc) (12 bs) (est. $20000-30000)
Lot 203: 1990 La Tâche (owc) (6 bs) (est. $18000-28000)
Lot 215: 2000 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Assortment (owc) (12 bs) (est. $12000-18000)
Lot 252: 2004 Romanée-Conti (owc) (3 bs) (est. $12000-18000)
Lot 232: 2003 Romanée-Conti (2 bs) (est. $10000-15000)
Lot 312: 2001 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Assortment (owc) (12 bs) (est. $10000-15000)
Lot 465: 1988 Richebourg (owc) (12 bs) (est. $7500-11000)
Lot 220: 2002 La Tâche (owc) (1 jeroboam (3L)) (est. $6000-9000)
Lot 229: 2002 Grands-Echézeaux (owc) (1 meth (6L)) (est. $6000-9000)
Lot 218: 2002 Romanée-Conti 1 b) (est. $5000-7500)
Lot 224: 2002 Echézeaux (owc) (1 meth (6L)) (est. $5000-7500)

Other Auction Highlights
Lots 445-447: 1982 Château Lafite Rothschild (owc) (12 bs) (est. $28000-42000)
Lots 867-869: 1982 Château Lafite Rothschild (owc) (12 bs) (est. $28000-42000)
Lots 320-321: 1989 Château Pétrus (owc) (12 bs) (est. $26000-38000)
Lots 23-26: 2000 Château Lafite Rothschild (owc) (12 bs) (est. $16000-24000)
Lot 374: 2005 Château Le Pin (6 bs) (est. $10000-15000)
Lot 841: 2000 Château Le Pin (owc) (6 bs) (est. $10000-15000)

As an added service to collectors, photos of the top 30 lots in the auction will be available for viewing on www.hdhwine.com beginning Thursday, June 3rd, enabling prospective bidders an opportunity to view bottle conditions before bidding.

2010 Auction Calendar
June 26
September 11
October 30
December 11

Bidding Information
Auction catalogs are available through the website or by calling Hart Davis Hart (hdhwine.com; 312.482.9996). The expanded website allows bidders to view and search the auction catalog and place absentee bids online.

Hart Davis Hart’s state-of-the-art technology allows bidders worldwide to participate in the Chicago-based live auctions via the Internet. Bidders can follow the auction in the salesroom, hear the live auction, and bid against the room, all in real-time. More details about online bidding can be found at www.hdhwine.com.

Bidders are encouraged to attend the auction in person, but Hart Davis Hart welcomes bids by phone, fax, through the website, and via the live-bid technology. For more information, contact Hart Davis Hart at 312.482.9996 or go to hdhwine.com.

About Hart Davis Hart Wine Co.
Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is both a dynamic retailer and an internationally prominent wine auction house, occupying a unique position in the rare wine market. We offer collectors and restaurateurs a broad range of options for buying and selling wines, providing unrivaled expertise and personalized service.

Founded in October 2004, Hart Davis Hart represents the alliance of three highly-respected industry leaders: John Hart, Michael Davis, and Paul Hart, with a combined experience of nearly 90 years in the rare wine business. John Hart, a renowned expert, has been a leader in the rare wine retail business for over three decades. With extensive careers at Christie’s, Davis & Company, and Sotheby’s, Michael Davis and Paul Hart are the most experienced wine auctioneers in America.

Hart Davis Hart has emerged as one of the most innovative and trusted sources for rare wines in America, with over 150 years of combined experience in the specialized field of fine and rare wines. No other firm can approach their level of expertise, network of relationships, or dedication to service.

For more information on Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. or to arrange
a media visit, please contact Marc Smoler at 312.482.9766, msmoler@hdhwine.com or visit hdhwine.com.

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