Online Automobile Auction Website Zoom Auctions Starts Offering Buy It Now

. September 5, 2013

Buy it now auction service have just been introduced by leading global auto auction website The company is highly sought after amongst people looking to purchase cars online because they offer over 100,000 vehicles each day for bidding. Apart from different car models, Zoom Auctions also has an impressive inventory of recreational vehicles, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc. Unlike many other similar websites, Zoom Express has access to extremely competitive North American auctions that are generally kept reserved only for the local dealers. Buyers prefer Zoom Auctions because here they get direct access to vehicles from dealers, banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, rental companies, and more.

The availability of buy now autos at is certainly great news for people who love cars. With the launch of this new service, the website now has a huge listing of cars that are available for bidding under this category. Apart from the make and model, the listing also shows important details such as year, mileage, and time left. The best part is that all cars listed in this category are available for a fixed price, and buyers can purchase them immediately. The auction fees for this category is much lower comparing to the vehicles that are available for live sale.

Registering to buy cars at is easy and does not involve any cost whatsoever. After the purchasing process, Zoom Auctions makes arrangements for transportation of the vehicles to different countries all over the world. The launch of buy it now auction is expected to help the company make further progress as an online auto auction website. Announcing the official launch of this new facility, a senior spokesperson from the company said, ” We are extremely happy to announce the official launch of buy it now service at Zoom Auctions. This will certainly bring more options to people who buy cars online. Please visit our website now if you want to buy a car right away.”

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