Artemis Gallery LIVE to auction Ancient, Pre-Columbian and Ethnographic Art

. January 17, 2014

ArtemisGalleryLIVE’s first auction of 2014, on Jan. 24 Ancient, Pre-Columbian & Ethnographic Art, will take bidders on a trip around the world and throughout history, showcasing fine, authentic examples of Classical, Near Eastern, Far Eastern, Pre-Columbian, and Tribal Art.

South Arabian Limestone Stele, ca. 2nd century BCE / 2nd century CE

South Arabian Limestone Stele, ca. 2nd century BCE / 2nd century CE

The auction begins with fantastic finds from ancient Egypt, most notably a large Egyptian wood standing male figure (Lot 3), spectacular in size and detail, a colorful fish of Egyptian faience (Lot 13), and a collection of brilliant Egyptian Cartonnage Panels (Lots 22-24;33-34). The elegant artwork of Ancient Greece is represented in part by a magnificent Paestan Red Figure Marriage Lekanis (Lot 48). The Lekanis, originally purchased from Sotheby’s London, features Eros, god of love, with a man and woman, beautifully rendered. A wonderful limestone stele depicting a Roman citizen (Lot 85) adds a deeply personal touch to the stunning array of art from the Classical world. A delightful collection of Asian art is highlighted by a Han Dynasty Duck Effigy (Lot 64) of lovely greyware terracotta. The details of the beak, tail, and webbed feet, along with the corpulent body, make this piece irresistibly charming. A collection of African / Tribal art offers a glimpse into the rich history of that continent (Lot 213-215). The auction also features Art of the ancient Americas with impressive offerings of Pre-Columbian art from numerous cultures including the Maya, Olmec, and Inca, notably a striking Inca Feather Headdress (Lot 180) made from brilliantly colored Amazonian bird feathers, and a parade of fine Panamanian/Costa Rican pottery vessels in various shapes and sizes (Lot 154-176). A group of beautifully painted antique Mexican Retablos (Lot 191-206) brings the auction into a slightly more modern era, along with a pair of Civil War bayonets (Lot 194;198).

“This first auction of the year will not disappoint,” says Dodge. “We are offering authentic examples in every price range. And, as with all our auctions, all items have been legally acquired, are legal to sell, and guaranteed to be as described or your money back, so you can bid with complete confidence.” Join ArtemisGalleryLIVE as they usher in the New Year with a celebration of the new and the very, very old!

Ancient, Pre-Columbian & Ethnographic Art Auction will begin at 11 a.m. EST on Friday, January 24, 2014. Bids may be placed through a variety of methods – absentee (including absentee online), by phone (by prior arrangement), or live on auction day. The auction catalog is now online and ready for viewing. For additional information about the auction, please call Teresa Dodge directly at 720-502-5289, or send her an email at

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