Queen Victoria’s Stocking at Richard Winterton Auctioneers

. July 11, 2014

A stocking, formerly the property of HM Queen Victoria has been discovered and is coming up for auction.

Queen Victoria StockingThe single white silk stocking worn by our longest serving monarch was discovered in Lichfield. Its origins as to how it came to fruition are cloaked in mystery and intrigue. One can only speculate that it was salvaged by a member of the Royal Household at the time and kept as a bizarre kind of souvenir. It bears the ‘VR’ monogram surmounted by a coronet. It begs the question, where is the other stocking?

It is amusing to think that Queen Victorian would be shocked to know that here dirty old stocking is being put up for public auction as a collector’s item. Other items of Her Majesty’s undergarments in various sizes ranging from her slimmer younger years to her more robust latter years have appeared at auction over the years and can fetch many thousands of pounds. There is a market for dirty laundry after all.

It will appear as Lot 520 in Richard Winterton’s three-day Antique, Home & Interiors Auction on 23rd July in Lichfield. Please phone 01543 251081 for further details. www.richardwinterton.co.uk

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