. August 4, 2017

On the night prior to D-Day (6th June 1944) a top secret mission was carried out code name ‘Operation Mallard’ with Lieutenant Frederick Scott Platoon Commander, their aim an Airborne assault by gliders to land behind enemy lines to attack and help the main D-Day assault.

The next day Lieutenant Frederick Scott was awarded the Military Cross for his actions and bravery in leading his men under heavy machine gun fire to take enemy positions.

Lot 102: AN IMPORTANT AND HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT WWII GALLANTRY GROUP OF MEDALS, archive and ephemera to a ‘6th Air Landing Brigade’, ‘Horsa’ Gliders operation during the night prior to D Day(6th June 1944) Codename ‘Operation Mallard’ the recipient of the medals was Frederick Balfour Scott, Lieutenant( later Major) 2nd Btn Oxs & Bucks Light Infantry, Scott had originally enlisted with the Duke of Wellington Regt, but had transferred to the Ox & Bucks, the full size medal group consists, Military Cross, Reverse dated 1945, 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence and War medal(un-named) and George VI General Service medal (Palestine 1945-48 Bar) correctly impressed naming to Maj F. B. Scott Ox Bucks, these are mounted loose on a pocket wearing bracket, also present is a contemporary set of miniatures, also present is a Netherlands Liberation medal and paperwork, awarded to Scott, together with three Normandy Veterans medals on a wearing bar and a Sports medal for a Running Race held in Beirut engraved to the 2nd Btn Ox & Bucks LI, LT Scott was part of Operation Mallard, an Airborne assault using a large number of ‘Horsa’ Gliders, which were towed over the English Channel, containing large numbers of troops, who landed behind enemy lines in the area of Ranville, Normandy at approximately 9pm, their efforts that night helped secure vital areas close to the landing beaches, which were to play such an important part of the following days events, after seeing action, in and around Ranville, the Btn later moved inland in the fight to take Caen. Scott commanded a platoon throughout the Campaign in Normandy and in particular on the 25th August, 1944 when his unit came under heavy machine gun fire from an enemy position, Scott led his men forward and with his sten gun inflicted casualties amongst the enemy, his leadership and example led the way and enabled him and the platoon to complete their mission. He would be awarded the Military Cross for this action and others whilst conducting regular patrols, a photocopy of the Citation is included, searches on Wikipedia, show photos of Scott receiving his MC from none other than Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, also included with the group is Scotts original Airborne Beret, bearing the silver badge of the Ox & Bucks Regiment, Scott also acquired some spoils of War during his time in France, these are an original Nazi red/black/white uniform arm band, which he can be seen holding in one of the photographs included, together with a German 3rd Reich Infantry Assault badge, the badge is believed silver nickel and has the Vertical top to bottom pin clasp, together with the makers mark ‘As inside a Triangle’, also a Nazi Party DAP badge in red/black/& white enamel, the pin back is missing, but it bears the makers mark RZM MI/34, after Major Scott retired from the Army, he was very active in re-visiting the Normandy Battlegrounds for Celebrations and Commemorations with his Veteran colleagues, also included are several colour photos of the recipient at Normandy Veteran gatherings, other items of paperwork relating to the recipient are also included, sadly the numbers of these Veterans are decreasing annually, all in all this is a complete and historic group/archive to an original Airborne ‘D-Day’ lander price guide £2800-3000

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