Online auction site launched to dispose of surplus Government equipment

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (027/2007) issued by The Government News
Network on 18 February 2007
An online auction website, which allows the public to bid for surplus
Government equipment, including Green Goddess fire-trucks, is launched today.

The Disposal Sales Agency has expanded its existing website to include an
on-line auction. Potential buyers can bid and pay for ex-Government items
online. They can also bid through the website for items put up for sale by
Government contractors.

The Disposal Sales Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Defence,
works to dispose of surplus equipment on behalf of a number of government
departments. The first items listed on the auction website range from “his
and her” military uniforms, to sleeping bags, tents, vintage vehicles and
other memorabilia.

This approach maximises the amount of money returned to the taxpayer
by reducing the cost of disposal, removing the need for a ‘middle-man’
contractor, and ensuring the best possible price is received.

As an additional feature, the auction website will allow the public to buy
equipment directly from contractors who supply the Government. Withams,
a contractor responsible for the sale of surplus vehicles has commented that:

“We are optimistic that the auction site will be a success, as it is a very
low cost route to accessing a totally new marketplace.”

The Disposal Sales Agency spokesman Les Taylor, who has played a key role
in establishing the new facility, commented that:

“The DSA recognises that with more and more transactions being carried out
online, we must adapt our approach in order to maximise the return to the
Ministry of Defence and to the taxpayer.”

To access the online auction site visit the Disposal Sales Agency main
website on and click on the “auctions” link.

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