The Auction Software Review Launches New eBay Strategy Section

Leading independent eBay software site, The Auction Software Review, today announced the launch of its new ‘Strategy’ section. The new category aims to fill the void of information about product sourcing, e-commerce consultants, and outsourcing services — both for existing eBay sellers, and traditional retailers getting started on eBay.

Online selling is no longer the work of amateur individuals but that of successful entrepreneurs and businesses, working in an ever more demanding arena. Andy Geldman, the Auction Software Review’s Editor, said “Competition is tough out there. Sellers used to get by with knowledge of one product niche and a simple listing tool. Nowadays you need to understand your longer term business goals: figure out what sets you apart from your competitors, and how you can leverage that to keep your business growing and alive.”

The new Strategy section is broken into three main categories. Product sourcing sites help eBay vendors find new items to sell. E-commerce consultants have a deep understanding of selling online; they help eBay sellers operate more efficiently and determine the future direction of their business. Outsourcers help existing retailers generate income from stock they cannot sell in their stores, without the need for their own auction management staff.

Mr Geldman continues, “Sourcing sites expose sellers to potential new stock that can reinvigorate their product line, and e-commerce consultants have the insight and perspective to set out a new direction for their business. Many sellers can benefit from checking out these services.”

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