Latest DVLA Auction of Car Number Plates Was A Success

Another highly successful DVLA auction was held this week at Rudding Park in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Held over three days, the sale saw 1375 lots going under the hammer to an audience of car number plate collectors, dealers and enthusiasts.

The DVLA holds auctions every few months at prestigious venues around the country and when it comes to private number plates, these events can be one of the best places to pick up a bargain. The sale however kicked off on Tuesday morning with the registration 2 AA, selling for a astonishing £45000 hammer price. Some other distinctive car number plates sold at the auction included BMW 70Y (BMW Toy), BOR 3D (Bored) and YEA 5T (Yeast). Name plates such as RU55 ELS (Russells), GOU 9H (Gough) and COL 333N (Colleen) were also snapped up by keen bidders as were some other classic dateless registrations. Getting into the Christmas spirit early, a pair of seasonal number plates were also sold. Keep your eyes on the sky this Christmas Eve as FES 71V (Festive) and GR0 770S (Grottos) could be coming to a sleigh near you. However, Father Christmas’ ultimate number plate, S4 NTA (Santa), was sold at auction in December 1999 for over £6000. A list of over 30 million car registrations available can be found at for the UK personalised number plate market.

Premier Motor auctions, who have presided over the events since 2001, were earlier this year awarded a 5 year renewal to their contract. They offer the chance to watch the auction action live on the internet via webcams from the auction hall, and have made a huge increase in revenue since being awarded the initial contract. The auction calendar for 2007 has now been finalised with the next sale of car registrations being held at the Williams F1 Headquarters in February. Other events throughout the year will be held at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire, The Haycock Hotel near Peterborough and Tankersley Manor, Barnsley to name a few.

In other car number plate news this December, the DVLA released the 07 series of registration numbers for sale. When lines opened at 8.00am on Tuesday 5th December, the DVLA were swamped with callers eager to secure their new registration numbers. With sales limited to one purchase per call, many number plate dealers and collectors spent the entire day trying to get through.