Super Domain Store Inc. to Auction

Super Domain Store Inc., a domain reseller located in Pompano Beach, Florida, announced that it would auction off the domain name on March 20, 2007.

Most of the comedy material is still on the site is a highly desirable dotcom domain. “A quality domain name is imperative for success,” said Scott Kowall, president of Super Domain Store. “Having the main keywords as part of the name is important for identification and search engine optimization. In real estate it is about location, location, location. The web is virtual real estate and a domain name is about location, location, location. A good domain name is one that people and search engines will find without branding.”

The auction will be on Ebay is a trusted and reliable auction service.

“When it comes to domain names, .com is the gold standard,” added Mr. Kowall, “Good dotcom domain name availability is becoming rarer and rarer, like good real estate, domain value goes up.”

The former comedian created a decade ago and soon after started acquiring domain names. He now spends his time developing Websites for his various domain names. Kowall’s sites are diverse, they include,, and the adult DVD store He recently converted from a monthly comedy and commentary site to a comedy CD, DVD and T-shirt store. “Most of the comedy material is still on the site,” Kowall adds, “Like NBC says, ‘If you haven’t seen it, it is new to you.'” is the ideal domain for satellite companies, retailers, content distributors and content providers. This is a rare domain name and this auction will be the only opportunity to acquire it.

More information on the domain auction is available at and

About Super Domain Store Inc.
Super Domain Store Inc. specializes in the reselling of quality high profile domain names.