Megaglobe Inc. Signs Deal With PayPal, a new international search engine, has forged a unique e-commerce partnership with PayPal.

According to the innovative two-payment system, users can either pay with credit cards issued in 50 different currencies, or with a PayPal multi-currency option.

In addition to its powerful search formula, Megaglobe comes in as many as 45 different languages, and its advertisements and sponsored spots will be available in 50 currencies.

Megaglobe also effectively protects advertisers from fraudulent click-throughs on sponsored spots. The patent-pending technology, called “Pay Per Valid Click,” has been developed exclusively for Megaglobe.

Megaglobe’s rates for sponsored results are lower than other major search engines, and Megaglobe publishers will get a higher percentage of click-through profits than those using Google AdSense or Yahoo!

Megaglobe is a member of the prestigious Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which includes Google, Yahoo! and MSN in its roster.

Megaglobe will go into a beta testing phase soon. Journalists and professional webmasters can obtain beta testing codes by emailing [email protected], and get a sneak preview of the revolution that will overwhelm the Internet.