CompleteAuto Software Program EXPLODING With Over 10,000 Vehicles Listed on eBay Motors! Software Agreement Inquiries Pouring In On A Daily Basis!

Complete Auto, an RCAU Company (PINK SHEETS: RCAU), an eBay Motors certified solution provider, is pleased to announce today that it has unexpectedly penetrated the 10,000 vehicle listing’s barrier, and is continuously listing vehicles on a rapid basis. At the time of writing, CompleteAuto currently has 10,191 vehicles listed on eBay Motors. In addition, inquiries submitted by dealers throughout the United States for requests to begin utilizing the CompleteAuto software, are pouring in at elevated rates.

Each vehicle listed on eBay Motors via the CompleteAuto software reaches thousands of viewers a day. This tremendous exposure through eBay Motors will significantly increase the market visibility of the CompleteAuto product, resulting in additional dealers contracting to adopt the software, which will ultimately increase the revenues and bottom line of the CompleteAuto Company. With over 10,000 vehicles listed, the potential to drastically increase new dealer contracts is enormous.

The described listings will also generate traffic for CompleteAuto’s affiliate partnership with CarFax by producing numerous leads for vehicle history reports. As previously released, CompleteAuto receives compensation for every individual that opts to obtain a vehicle history report through by redirection from a CompleteAuto listing.

RCAU stock has shown amazing resiliency within the publicly traded marketplace over the past two trading days and is expected to remain on course to a highly positive future.