Meet, Where Auction Sellers Can Promote Their Weird eBay Auctions, 24 Hours a Day

Auction sellers need more exposure for their goofy items to sell successfully. Meet No Shame, where auction sellers can promote their Weird eBay Auctions, 24 hours a day! “The site features a link script where sellers can automatically add their auctions for free, day or night, even in their pajamas,” says Jose Guzman, creator of the insane site that also features mystery auctions.

Buyers may spot a catchy item, such as a haunted doll for sale. “If the visitor is interested, they will click on a link from my website and be taken to the auction,” Jose explains. “If the seller decides to bid, they might ultimately win the auction.”

It was a humorist look into my life raised with bad parents
Jose got bitten by what he calls “the weird auction bug” two years ago. An inspiring author, he had written an ebook called, Don’t Be Dumb and Poor Like My Parents Were. “It was a humorist look into my life raised with bad parents,” Jose embarrassedly admits. He listed his ebook under the Totally-Bizarre, Auction category, and made a few good sales! But, as Jose really discovered, “I and other sellers need more traffic beyond what eBay can give us. And that’s why my site was created, to help sellers get more traffic to their auctions.”

No Shame Actions also provides sellers with free banners to help sell their stuff. One banner does a take on Sally Field’s famous Oscar speech, “You like me, you really like me!” The banner jokily reads, “They love me, they really, really love me at: no shame auctions.” According to Jose, this is the most popular banner used by auction sellers!

Jose Guzman