Auction Ad Agency Delivers Targeted Local Advertising

Dealquickly Advertising. A leading ad agency targeting the auction industry announced today the launch of a new local advertising program that targets potential bidders reading virtually any online newspapers. Dealquickly Advertising’s Auction Action Ads™, allow auction firms to target their Internet advertising campaign more precisely than ever before. Auction Action Ads™ are a cost-effective way to use the Internet to gain the attention of your local audience. The announcement was made by company president Richard H. Trask.
According to a new study, local Internet advertising now makes up 2.3% ($1.65 billion) of all local advertising. Most of this revenue comes from classified type advertising. Auction Action Adsâ„¢ utilize a combination of behavioral targeting technologies, opt-in marketing and contextual advertising to target potential bidders who frequently read the news online. According to the Newspaper Association of America, consumers are reading the news online more than ever before.
Auction Action Adsâ„¢ as well as other contextual based advertising, is when an ad is placed on a web page, in real time, based on the specific content of that individual web page. With contextual based advertising, an ad for real estate or antiques would appear on pages about real estate or antiques, while an ad for golf clubs would appear on a page about golf events. And with news sites, it becomes even more powerful due the wide range of ever changing stories and topics covered by each page of the news site. (
According to Trask, “what makes Auction Action Ads™ so effective is the precision targeting. This takes place by displaying your ad when a potential bidder visits their favorite online newspaper and clicks on a topic or section link they have an interest in. Auction Action Ads™ can target sections of virtually any online newspapers whether it is the New York Times or a small town paper. Any newspaper section or topic can be targeted such as business, real estate, fashion, antiques, automotive, if there is a link, we can target it. Auction Action Ads™ can deliver over five times the ROI of search engine pay per click ads and ten times the ROI of print ads.”
Campaigns can be started from $750 and up based on keyword selection, interactive ad design and campaign intensity.
About Dealquickly Advertising
Dealquickly Advertising was founded in 2005 in response to the increase interest in online auctions and the growth in real estate being auctioned both live on-site as well as online. Dealquickly Advertising has partnered with Web Smart America to exclusively provide their Trademarked Action Adsâ„¢ application to the Auction Industry. Dealquickly Advertising is a subsidiary of Dealquickly the wholesale Real estate Investors marketplace. Dealquickly Advertising is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For additional information please or call 415-773-1832