Tamion Launches HerculesMall.com Auctions

Tamion Corporation today announced the launch of HerculesMall.com Auctions.

Tamion founder, Tom Psillas, repeatedly heard complaints of many auction merchants that they cannot afford the high listing fees of the top 3 auction sites. Add to this, premium listing options, final fees, payment fees and your cost of selling an item on the top 3, exceeds 20% of retail. This is partly because only 1 out of every 5 auction listings results in a sale.

HerculesMall.com eliminated listing fees, charging only for performance; when you sell. “You should only pay a fee when you sell something”, quotes Tom.

HerculesMall.com, in addition to auto relist features, offers a free automated interface to Froogle and BidFind.com. This means your auctions are accessible to an audience of over 220 Million consumers worldwide. By contrast, Number one auction site, eBay, has only 185 Million users.

Tom cautions auction sellers not to abandon their sales efforts on the top 3 to 4 auction sites, because they do draw large audiences. Your company brand name increases in value when you are visible on all the top auction sites.

About Tamion:

Tamion is a holding company of several Internet ventures including:

Krevati.com – an extended stay hotel room booking site, with over 600,000 properties listed,
Tamion.com – retail point of sale software with over 50,000 users worldwide,
Check101.com – Internet payments, bill payments, loyalty points, and barter transaction provider.