IndustrialMachines.Com Announces New Concept in Equipment Auctions

Unlike other auctions featuring industrial equipment, the new auction system operated by IndustrialMachines.Com provides complete contact information for the seller of each item. This information is posted on the site weeks in advance of the auction close, giving a potential buyer time to arrange an inspection, price shipping or request additional information from the seller. Fully informed bidders can make intelligent decisions about the value of a piece of equipment, avoiding the last-minute stress of typical auctions.

In another departure from the typical auction format, the IndustrialMachines.Com auction system will not close bidding on an item within 10 minutes of the placing of any bid. An interested bidder is not in danger of losing an auction because he clicked his mouse a few seconds too early or late. Bidding on an item continues until no bidder is willing to place a higher bid, thus ensuring that the item is won by the bidder who really wants it.

All equipment in an auction is placed by one of IndustrialMachines.Com approved sellers. These are professional used equipment dealers who have been selected by IM because of their capabilities and track record in the industry. Companies wishing to use the IM auction system as part of their investment recovery strategy for disposing of surplus equipment can do so through one of the registered dealers. This ensures that equipment is as described and of the quality bidders have come to expect from IndustrialMachines.Com auctions.