eBid.net Welcomes Ex-Yahoo Auction Members with a $99 Gift

With the imminent closure of the US and Canadian Yahoo auction sites (Last day to list items: June 3, 2007), US and Canadian users of Yahoo Auctions can import their feedback for free to eBid.net. Included in this special offer eBid.net will also allow ex-yahoo auction members to upgrade to a lifetime Platinum account membership worth $99.99 for absolutely nothing.

Yahoo auction members should register at eBid.net and email a screen grab from their log in area of their yahoo auctions account showing their feedback page. Do not screen grab the public view of the feedback page.

They can screen grab by pressing the PrtSc key on their keyboard to save a copy of their current screen to their clipboard and then paste into an email or into some photo software.

This offer lasts until Yahoo closes its doors on June 3, 2007.

About eBid.net:
www.eBid.net was developed by a team of UK entrepreneurs in 2000, incorporating more than 3,500 product categories. eBid has pioneered a customer-focused approach to the business of online auctions and has implemented numerous site features that make the bidding and selling process as easy and secure as possible.

eBid is free to join and promises no hidden price agenda.
Bronze Membership – As soon as new users register they will automatically receive FREE Bronze membership status which will enable them to make bids. Silver Membership – To list an item for auction, members have to upgrade to eBid’s free Silver Membership, by providing their credit or debit card details. There is no listing fee and just one final value fee of 3%.

Platinum Membership – For a one-off price of $99.00, members can upgrade to eBid’s Platinum Membership status which includes benefits such as zero listing fees, zero final value fees, zero reserve price fees, zero BuyNow fees and 5 eBid stores at no extra monthly cost.