Idaho Auctioneer Auctions Off His Own Houses to Win a Bet

Idaho Auctioneer, Alan Armstrong, will sell his own houses at public auction this week to prove the process works. The auction is scheduled from 5-6:30 PM on Thursday, May 17th. All of the properties are located in Nampa Idaho and all will be sold individually in the front yards and then move onto the next one.

Armstrong has owned and operated for 15 years. After selling his auction gallery last year his company now specializes in auctioning real estate and other high end products.

A friend of his recently challenged him to sell his own properties at auction. Armstrong responded “that sounds like a great idea.” Then they agreed to a steak dinner bet.

Alan and his wife had been remodeling the properties for the last few months after building a new home and moving into it. When Alan signed up two other properties to be sold at an auction in the same town he encouraged his remodeling team to speed up so his own properties could be added to the auction.

Armstrong states, “It is our intention to have all four of these properties sold to the highest bidder on auction day and to close quickly. We have every confidence that the market will deliver qualified and motivated bidders and buyers. We are fortunate to still be in a very good market in the Boise-Nampa area. Come join us at the auction and see what the results are. I am looking forward to winning this bet and going out for a nice steak dinner.”