Ocean Tomo to Sell Innovative Chemical and Material Technologies at 1 June Live IP Auction in London

Ocean Tomo Auctions today announced the sale of several lots pertaining to chemical and material technologies at The IP Investment Summit & Live Auction 2007 (“IPILA 2007”) on 1 June at The Dorchester in London, England.

The portfolio of patents being offered in Lot 30 relate to the hydrogenation of organic compounds, widely applicable to various industries, that provides a number of improvements including improved catalytic compositions and reactor system, increased reaction rates, up to 50% savings of catalyst costs, minimized by-product and improved yield.

Other lots on the auction block include environmentally-friendly ones – those relating to waste treatment using mediated electrochemical oxidation, an alternative to incineration, and water-based inks and coatings related to printing providing superior ink adhesion and chemical resistance at lower cost.

“Ocean Tomo is excited to offer these chemical and material-related technologies at our June Auction. They were chosen on a highly selective basis from hundreds of submissions,” said Andrew Ramer, President of Ocean Tomo Auctions. “We are pleased to help bring these innovative technologies to market.”

Unique Acquisition Opportunity

Acquisition of these lots represents a unique opportunity for numerous industries including, but not limited to: Waste Treatment Facilities, Waste Purification Plants, Electrochemical Radioactive Treatment Facilities, Ink Jet Manufacturers, Solvent Based Chemical Manufacturers, Water Based Ink Manufacturers, Chemical Manufacturers, Catalyst Suppliers, Process Engineering and Equipment Suppliers and Plant Process Designs. -0- *T Summary of Chemical and Material Technology Offerings ——————————————————————————————————— Lot Featured IP Assets Description —— ———————————————— ———————————————— 25 PCT/GB2005/001294; US 4,874,485; Treatment of waste and the US 4,925,643; US 5,855,763; US cleaning of waster filters 5,894,077; US 5,916,431; and US 5,958,242 —— ———————————————— ———————————————— 26 US 5,871,614; US 5,871,663; US Improvements for paper 6,368,457; and US 6,540,877 manufacturing —— ———————————————— ———————————————— 27 US 5,498,661; US 6,020,401; US Water-based inks and coatings 6,437,037; US 6,734,280; for printing on plastic films US 6,849,681; EP 0,814,136; PCT/US2003/020024; and PCT/US2003/025919 —— ———————————————— ———————————————— 28 GB 2,371,828 and US 6,726,828 Extraction of desired materials from rocks or subterranean strata —— ———————————————— ———————————————— 29 US 5,973,036; US 6,001,904; US Inks and Substrate Coatings for 6,007,610; US 6,020,399; US Ink-Jet Printing with Improved 6,020,405; US 6,156,384; US Print Resolution 6,376,611; US 6,476,146; US 6,479,586; US 6,521,342; US 6,521,343; US 6,541,538; US 6,572,969; US 6,616,981; US 6,689,837; US 6,743,514; US 6,756,129; US 6,767,638; EP 1,188,571; EP20020251747; PCT/US2003/015636; PCT/US2003/015721; EP20040024033; US TM Registration No. 2879058; and US TM Registration No. 2881884 —— ———————————————— ———————————————— 30 US 6,080,372; US 6,506,361; US Catalyst reactor systems for 6,521,791; US 6,762,324; US hydrogenation of organic 6,878,849; US 6,903,046; US compounds 6,924,395; US 7,074,962; US 7,109,378; EP20020024945; EP20030002619; and EP20030008826 ——————————————————————————————————— *T

For more information on any of the Chemical and Material Lots or to register to bid or attend the IPILA 2007, please call +1.312.377.4851 or visit www.OceanTomoAuctions.com.

About Ocean Tomo Auctions:

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