More than 50 posters from India’s vibrant Hindi cinema industry – widely known as Bollywood – will be sold at Bonhams Rock n Roll & Film Memorabilia sale at Bonhams in Knightsbridge on Wednesday 20 June 2007.

Bollywood allows a fascinating window into Indian life and culture. Presented in a mixture of Hindi and Urdu, the films have a hugely infectious quality of big emotions, vibrant colours, music and a distinctive approach to storytelling. Grand themes of undying love, generational conflict, sacrifice and, above all, the importance of family and honour are depicted. Bollywood film reaches a diverse range of countries such as Russia, China, Africa and countries in the Middle East. With today’s growing interest in Bollywood film, the number of collectors have increased throughout the world and Hindi film posters have become prized treasures.

Stephanie Connell, Bonhams Specialist of Rock n Roll & Film Memorabilia comments ,“This unique collection of Indian Cinema posters represents the enormous variety and depth of this genre. The imagery used in this art work uses a very clear and distinctive style in comparison to many mainstream film posters.”

Poster imagery gives clues to the genre or plot of the film and the movie’s title makes plain the theme or story setting. An example is Raj Kapoor’s, Kal Aaj aur Kal (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow). The title tells the audience that the film is about the conflict between generations. The poster shows three Kapoors who are playing their real-life roles – from grandfather, Prithviraj to grandson, Randhir and Raj Kapoor in the middle. If a poster features two actresses and an actor, the audience can guess correctly that the film is a love triangle.

Highlights include:

Kal Aaj Aur Kal R.K. Films Ltd. 1971 (£2,500-2,700)
Deewaar, Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd, 1975,
Indian film poster, featuring a rare image of Shashi Kapoor, rolled, condition A, 30 x 40 inches

Anarkali Filmistan Ltd, 1953 (£1,000-1,200),
Satyam Shivam Sundaram R.K. Films Ltd, 1978 (£200-300)
Aah, R.K. Films Ltd., 1953,
Hindi poster, screen printed (£300-350)

Kabhi Kabhie – Love Is Life,Yash Raj Films, 1976,
Indian film poster (£1,000-1,200)

Anmol Ghadi, Mehboob Productions, 1946
Indian film poster (£1,000-1,200)