Everest Software Announces eAuction Pro Integration with eBay

Everest Software, Inc. (Everest), a leading provider of award-winning business management software for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), today introduced eAuction Pro – a new eBay integration for its recently launched Everest Advanced 4.0 offering. The enhanced solution, previewed at eBay Live!, enables SMBs to rapidly deploy and efficiently manage their eBay stores by seamlessly integrating both online and offline distribution channels.

eAuction Pro is the first of a series of eSuite products to be delivered in June 2007. This new product family will enable Everest customers to take full advantage of their business operating system investment and accelerate growth by opening additional sales channels.

“The borders between electronic and retail commerce are quickly vanishing,” said Edwin Miller, president and CEO of Everest. “Our new eBay integration for Everest Advanced offers our customers even greater point-of-sales versatility through a fully integrated Business Operating System that allows them to increase sales and improve customer service.”

“By utilizing Everest’s existing key features combined in their all-in-one solution, our total sales have tripled since this same time last year,” said Erik Thomas, director of ecommerce for Holland Bulb Farms. “I am excited to implement Everest’s new eAuction Pro solution which will provide us with yet another channel to market and sell our top quality Dutch flower bulbs and perennials.”

The new integration automates the entire sales process; including listings publishing, order creation from completed auctions, payments, fulfillment, tracking, and customer feedback management, among other functions. Now items can be automatically published on eBay with minimal effort, leveraging the existing product catalogs and inventory. The eAuction Pro solution helps improve customer service by giving employees all the required information to rapidly resolve issues.

Key features include the following:

Auction automation – helps to create eBay listings directly from the Everest Inventory, offers presets for payment options and shipment methods. The feature includes a fee calculation estimator, as well as inventory allocation/reservation and listings revision/cancellation tools. In addition, it helps to define the business rules and suggests auctions to move items with slow turnover rates.
Order creation – monitors auctions, automatically creates orders and assigns the inventory.
Central fulfillment – offers single point of control over order processing.
Auction status and reporting – monitors active listings and manages buyer profile reviews.
Upsell opportunities creation – processes customers through the Everest ecommerce website and offers complimentary products for additional purchases.
Auction analysis and customer lifetime value tracking – helps to boost ROI by identifying most profitable auctions and repeat buyers.
Bulk Processing – automates order creation, generates payment and shipment status updates, monitors fulfillment and automates feedback collection.
Designer templates – gives listings a professional and personalized look.
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