Alternatives to Ebay Showcased

An online event called ‘Summer Solstice to Blue Moon’ (or ‘SS2BM’) is aimed at increasing coverage of seller’s independent websites, as well promoting alternative auction sites and marketplaces to Ebay. The event is scheduled to run from 21st to 30th June 2007, and is being coordinated at, a website dedicated to all aspects of on-line trading. was first formed by a group of Ebay protesters following Ebay’s decision in August 2006 to dramatically increase seller’s fees and simultaneously reducing the visibility of”˜shop” listings. Since the initial protest, is more geared towards the promotion of alternatives to Ebay. A Pheebay spokesperson said:

It would be business suicide to completely “boycott” Ebay altogether. We generally encourage sellers to diversify their listings to other auction, marketplace, or independent websites, and most importantly, divert their Ebay buyers to these sites. This can be done by including promotional leaflets in any Ebay orders, as well as including links in any confirmation emails

Furthermore, many users of advocate other means in which sellers can promote their listings, namely by using blogs and social networking sites such as Myspace, Bebo and Squidoo.

A number of on-line sellers and sites have joined up to the “SS2BM” (Summer Solstice to Blue Moon) promotion, and plan to lure buyers with special offers for the event. Many sellers are offering a 10% discount on items, as one seller explains:

“Ebay UK recently removed the visibility of UK listings from their US site, but rather than open a new American account, I joined up to I had found that Ebay’s and Paypal’s fees eat up a significant amount of profit, therefore, on my alternative sites, I can afford to give a generous discount to any customers; particularly my repeat customers from Ebay.

Sellers wishing to join the event should join up to the forums on and post details of their auctions/websites they would like featured in the appropriate section.

Buyers will find online bargains and great gifts between June 21st (Summer Solstice) and June 30th (Blue Moon) by typing “SS2BM” or “Summer Solstice Blue Moon”into Google or other search engines during the event and following the trail. Alternatively visit the forums at where links will be posted.