eDynaQuote Purchased By Vista Auctions

Proceeds from the sale will be used to help finance services of eBizITPA, which is an economic development initiative that offers training and resources to help enterprises apply e-business technology to business processes. A team within eBizITPA created eDynaQuoteâ„¢ in 2003, then converted it to a free-standing entity and offered it for acquisition in 2006. The purchase was brokered by Prima Problem Solving, Inc., of Pittsburgh, Pa.

“This sale benefits all three of the participants,” noted Susan Breon, president of eBizITPA. “Through its acquisition, Vista Auctions broadens its service offerings; eDynaQuoteâ„¢ obtains access to expanded investment resources to expand into new markets; and eBizITPA receives a needed infusion of cash for use in meeting the needs of Pa. businesses.”

“We are especially pleased to have found a buyer interested in retaining the eDynaQuoteâ„¢ management and a presence in Pennsylvania,” said Breon. “Vista plans to expand eDynaQuoteâ„¢’s marketing and sales to take advantage of a growing interest in online competitive bidding by companies that can benefit from eDynaQuoteâ„¢’s flexibility, ease of use and affordability.”

“I am excited about the acquisition of eDynaQuote by Vista Auctions,” said Richard Fitzgerald, president of Vista Auctions, LLC. “By combining the talents and expertise of personnel within the two companies, we have established an avenue for clients of both organizations to realize even greater costs savings through a very dynamic e-procurement platform.”

The new owners will retain the Erie operation, headed by Marty Barclay, formerly eDynaQuoteâ„¢’s general manager. In addition, Vista plans to expand its State College, Pa. operation and enhance its sales efforts with strategically located representatives.

eDynaQuoteâ„¢ offers a powerful, yet easy-to-implement system that helps clients streamline the purchasing process and has saved companies millions of dollars. eDynaQuoteâ„¢ allows clients to choose from a variety of service levels to address specific needs, including full-service reverse auction management or self-service auction management options. In addition, eDynaQuoteâ„¢ provides full-service help desk support. www.edynaquote.com.