Waste Less Time Searching for Online Auctions

FetchBid.com is designed to reduce time spent searching over 16 different online auction sites. The average time spent searching just one auction site is over 40 minutes. As a result, 54% of all auctions never receive a bid, equaling to 8.6 million auctions every week(according to AuctionSoftwareReview.com).

FetchBid.com fetches the auction for the online shopper by using a simple keyword or phrase search. It reduces online searching by 66%. FetchBid.com also helps the online shopper by comparison shopping through various auction service.

“If you are trying to flip items with auctions, time is your money maker. If it takes too much time you lose money.” Robert Jennings, Auction Entrepreneur.

“I spent at least 45 minutes to an hour trying to get the best price.” Amanda Capps, Auction shopper.

FetchBid.com’s founder and designer, Curt Crowley, proposes, “FetchBid.com is the answer to increase online auction sales, decrease search times, and increased enjoyment of online auction services. We believe FetchBid.com will be the answer that buyers and sellers are looking for.”

For more information please go to www.fetchbid.com.