Website Blog Firm, Debuts Top Tier Domain Name Auction, with BlogSpot Brands

Developer of business and eCommerce websites, BlogSpot Brands, has launched a new domain name auction web site, offering only top tier domain names and active websites, including the keyword rich and relevant top business categories of eCommerce, Internet shopping, and social networking.

Bert L. Bill, COO of BlogSpot Brands offered, ”Keyword rich domain names have become the most sought after of all names because they are much more search engine friendly. When you are in the photography business and have the word `photography’ in your domain name, you are far more likely to achieve top search engine positioning, and top search positioning is critical to Internet success.”

Anyone who owns a top tier domain name can list that name after approval, absolutely free. BlogSpot Brands will promote the domain name, market the name through several channels, and even negotiate on the behalf of the seller, if it is so desired. Once the domain name is sold there will be a 10% commission paid to BlogSpot Brands. BlogSpot Brands Domain Name Auction currently has an inventory of 54 top tier domain names, a number that is sure to grow on a daily basis. BlogSpot Brands is based in Orlando, Florida with offices in Waynesville, North Carolina.

To learn more about the BlogSpot Brands Domain Name Auction, please visit: