Century Group BroadcastBid.com Radio Auction Program Climbs to Over 100 Radio Stations and Networks Nationwide

Century Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CEYG) announced today that it is ahead of plan with over 160 individual radio stations signing agreements to use BroadcastBid.com’s online auction and advertising platform.
The sign-up rate is now seeing more than one new station every business day become a new BroadcastBid.com user. The success of the marketing program is based upon the ease of use for radio stations to generate new sources of revenue by becoming part of BroadcastBid.com’s auction network. The pre-populated auctions are clearly very attractive for traditional radio broadcasters looking for creative ways to increase online revenue that convert radio websites from cost centers to revenue centers.
The powerful product platforms propelling BroadcastBid.com are the 150 different name brand manufacturers representing 200,000 different products. The free signup makes this revenue-based performance model a fast sell.
Century Group’s technology loads into the system massive amounts of products which are tailored for unique markets, times, audiences, programming and demographic mixes. This is all done for radio stations on their website.
According to Daniel Bordui, Century Group President, “Station managers are actually shocked. Their response to BroadcastBid.com is pure amazement at the cash that auctions generate. Most say that for them it’s found money. All they have to do is mention the auctions that are happening on the air, and boom — the cash register starts to sing. One station group generated $20,000 a month in additional revenue, and as we add more stations and station groups, we will not be at all surprised to see that number surpassed.”
In addition to the live auctions, listeners can purchase classified ads much like Craig’s List. Listeners can post their own ad in the classified sections with the options that we offer to them on auction sites all of which we host and maintain for the stations.
BroadcastBid.com’s account specialists work with each station to assist them in sales and marketing and such special promotional vehicles as fantasy auctions, gift certificate auctions and much more.
About Broadcastbid.com:
Broadcastbid.com is entering the marketplace with a unique product that fills a definite need in traditional media companies and which will offer auctions similar to EBay that may find it increasingly hard to attract revenue from modern Internet media users. BroadcastBid.com offers radio stations different ways to generate non-traditional revenue, from set-price sales to classifieds.
About Century Group, Inc.:
Century Group provides exciting new opportunities in non-traditional revenue and content offering in the online media space to compliment offline advertising and marketing. Century Group is currently investigating partnerships to provide traditional media stations with value-added opportunities to generate revenue and enhance profitability while providing the consumer with addictive and recurring content that will drive those revenues for the broadcasters.