Manheim Hosts First-ever Mobile Home Sale

Manheim’s Fort Worth Vehicle Auction hosted its first-ever mobile home sale on July 12, helping to sell all of the units offered by CIT, a key customer.

“CIT provided us with a great opportunity to sell their units, and we are thrilled about the results they achieved,” said Patti Bailey, Fort Worth Vehicle Auction general manager. “We look forward to working with the licensed manufactured home dealers and establishing our presence in this growing industry.”

Of the 27 units sold, 22 received bids that went over CIT’s floor prices. More than 50 bidders attended the auction, and one unit was sold via Manheim Simulcast – an Internet-based system that allows dealers to buy and sell vehicles online that are moving through live auction lanes. Manheim’s Fort Worth Vehicle Auction runs boats and RVs at auction for CIT on a monthly basis, but this was the first time Manheim worked with the customer on this unique opportunity.

“It was great to see Fort Worth Vehicle Auction offer a manufactured home sale at its location,” said sale attendee Shawn Fuller, CEO of DNS Mobile Home Center. “Having the manufactured homes at the sale and off the customer’s property made it convenient for dealers. I look forward to attending more sales like these at Fort Worth Vehicle Auction.”

Manheim’s Fort Worth Vehicle Auction will host its next manufactured home sale on Thursday, September 13, at 2 p.m.

About Manheim

Manheim is the world’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services. Through its wholesale operating locations and array of technology products, Manheim impacts every stage of a used vehicle’s life cycle, helping commercial sellers and automobile dealers realize the full value of their vehicles.

The company’s operating location services include reconditioning, certification, inspections, dealer financing, transport, title management and marshaling, among others. Manheim is also the leader in vehicle remarketing technology, using its online tools to connect buyers and sellers around the globe to the world’s largest, most comprehensive wholesale marketplace. In 2006, Manheim handled nearly 10 million used vehicles – and sold more than 5 million – representing more than $58 billion in value.

Manheim’s subsidiary companies provide value-added remarketing products and services, including paintless dent removal (Dent Wizard), Auto Body Repair, and salvage vehicle remarketing (Total Resource Auctions).

About Manheim Specialty Auctions

To meet the needs of customers looking for used vehicles other than the traditional automobile, Manheim Specialty Auctions was created. Of Manheim’s 88 operating locations in North America, 22 focus on selling specialty units, giving customers access to a high volume of vehicles including boats, RVs, motorcycles and PowerSport units.

By offering dedicated selling opportunities and a full range of services, such as full-service reconditioning, electronic condition reports, certification, marshaling, title management, inspections, vehicle transportation, financing and dealer floor planning, Manheim helps customers realize the full value of their vehicles.

Manheim is a leading technology provider, supplying tools to help customers manage their businesses. Customers can also take advantage of Mobile Specialty Auctions that provide convenient, onsite sales and support at any location in the United States. All vehicles are sold “in-lane” or “online” via Manheim Simulcast and A complete listing of Manheim Specialty Auctions can be found at